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We specialise in the style of working from home and offer mainly Web design, application development and online assistant services. Utilising the feminine sense and we provide a good quality service with a low-cost from high skilled people working from home.

Web Design
Graphic Design

Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixels and Vectors.
The pretty stuff that makes your heart pound.

Web Development

HTML, PHP, CSS. It's the nerdy stuff that makes your website work.


Customer loyalty through clever apps for touchscreen devices.


Content strategy, Link building, PPC.
Pushing your website to the top of Google.

For your Business

- BackOffice Online Assistant -

"FB = For your Business" will support your business in various scene.

Your exclusive assistant will undertake tasks fully by simply sending messages for odd jobs, tricky tasks or any variety of work that you are facing.

Because of the exclusive assistant support, it will lead to achieve a smooth business that is suitable to the client or your company's character. To learn the character of the client's business from a cover design of a business proposal and a favorite hotel for the business trip and adopt into the qualities of support services.

Your exclusive assistant manages all of these businesses completely.

Secretary Operations
  • Schedule (using Google calendar)
  • Answer phone calls and reply to e-mail in place of you
  • Check documents and make simple corrections
  • Arrange business trips (transportation and accommodations)
  • Reserve restaurants
  • Manage IDs and passwords (for travel websites, point websites, etc.)
  • Non-routine tasks
General Affairs
  • Improve the office environment
  • Arrange and purchase in place of you
  • Order a logo, business cards, and a company brochure
  • Manage your website, domain, server, and e-mail addresses
  • Prepare documents such as company regulation and contracts
  • Carry out the matters necessary for opening a business
  • Arrange ceremonial occasions such as wedding and funerals (preparing greeting cards/letters and gifts)
Sales Assistant
  • Manage customer lists and business cards
  • Collect information and create documents
  • Create business proposals
  • Creating quotations, statements of delivery, etc.
  • Data entry
  • Create advertisements and leaflets (including design)
  • Marketing agents
Finance Operations
  • Issue invoices
  • Accounting operations
  • Payroll accounting
  • Social insurance operations and accounting

Radice is possible to respond to a variety of requests utlising resources of specified areas, that is, design and Web design as well as general back-office work.

Back-office works
Website operations
12 hours
20 hours
30 hours

We provide our portfolio by email.

"Radice" is an internet company operated by women working from home.

"Radice" is providing a good quality service with reducing costs by utilizing resources from a high-degree of skills hiding in the local or home and offering as a style of sub-work from home. Our service is to meet various requirements which is derived from a different angle by utilizing fully the hidden abilities of women. We have chosen the style that operating women leading business. (Male engineers are available depending on the business contents)

Now we are obtaining acceptations and support to our concept from many people as well as providing our service.

< A message from Director Reiko Hanai >

I have lived abroad as a student and after returning to Japan I worked at an IT company as a SE for two years. There was no satisfaction in mind and I changed the job to a foreign-owned company from the thought of more challenging my abilities. When I started the new job, I realized that it was not so easy. I struggled working in the high-level area and put all my effort into it. I felt very grateful from the environment in which the outcome is evaluated regardless of gender, age or nationality during my employment of about eight years.

Left my career when I got married however, I still had a passion to work after my baby was born. "Pursue my profession". Since experiencing the meaning of work environment in which the outcome was evaluated regardless of gender, age and nationality, I chose my work style "working from home instead of going to the office" when I was searching for a new job. Because of the difficulties to work where I was completely away from home and looking after my child. My concern was that any tasks could not be achieved properly due to the time constraints. I believe all women, who left a job, feel the same way and hesitate to go back to work.

The most women’s lifestyle would be changed and mainly staying in home. It is not the work environment but how you face "your job" while your lifestyle is changing and how you control the situation. I believe these are the key points to "women’s advancement in society or returning to work" as a recent trend.

Either working from home or at a company office, we, as a professional group, know of the severity to be accepted widely by society, listen to the women gathering in "Radice", encourage them and hope that they realize the real achievement of their "challenge".

We wish that "Radice" to continues to provide work for all women's life rather than being A home-based internet company.

Sep. 2016 Director Reiko Hanai
Dedicated to K.H.


  • Design, Web Design
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Online Assistant Service

Company Profile

Company Name
Radice Co., Ltd.
Reiko Hanai
Risona Kudan Building 5F
1-5-6 Kudan-minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
102-0074 JAPAN

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